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Saltire of Scotland part of the United Kingdom     Republic Of Ireland our dear neighbour in the British Isles

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British Isles


It’s easier to engastrate a camel
than export to Europe, I’m told






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Diana: Final Answer?

Princess Diana thumbnailDodi Fayed thumbnailHenri Paul thumbnail

  Accident, Conspiracy, Destiny?  


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The Great Big Mistake  

Zero and Ten the big mistake

Where’s the ten?



The Cinema of the Future

The Cinema of the Future

Welcome to Future Views Magazine

We are all going to die

Our world will end

Let us say 'bye bye'

Or? Can we amend?




  Halloween 2019  



England has raised her anchors and sails, she’s awa’ tae a gran’ new place

Scotland has bought many thousan’ ae rockets, we’ll heave oorsel’s aff intae space

Jibe at the Germans, f**t at the French, Danes and Dutch be dammed

We dinnae need none o’ yous, we’re better aff wi’out a’ you, our li’l ol’ island is crammed

From out o’ the glacier the "Iceman" rose, he revealed an interesting tale

Since earliest times we’ve criss-crossed our lands, oft in the name of a sale

“I’ll join you for dinner” “fetch your children” without making first an agreement

Does that sound fair? Do you know what to expect? Understanding brings surely ennoblement

“J’aime La France,” “Deutschland ist schön,” “L’Italia e molto belissimo”

Am I truly to believe my future and yours is nowt but roulette in a casino?





America welcomes us with open arms, the Russians could eat us for breakfast

Warmongers are eager to buy up our arms, India is poised to move fast

Once upon a time knights rode the realms, peasants fought beside them to conquer

Our world today is a fragile web, a mistake and we all drown together

The Super Rich may think they are safe, "It's a game and a sport to exploit"

When a nation's professionals are stripped of their homes who knows where their daggers will point

D-Day won us our last great crisis, years of preparation and a jolly big surprise

We (just) won the war, but look what followed? It's the 'Other Side' who today holds 'The Prize'.





Mountains and coastlines, cities and forests, whaddya mean, "we'll sever all ties"?

"We'll break from Europe without a plan!" Does that sound to you clever or wise?

A 'Hidden Agenda'? Secret agreement? Is the truth that our leaders are stuck?

Or "Mushroom Management" that established tradition, "keep 'em in the dark 'n' chuck in some muck"?

"NEW AGREEMENTS" the time is ripe, the "Union of Crowns" and the EEC

1707, 1971, wars and revolutions, can nobody see?

A vision for society, new structures and strength? No chance of that if the Dark Hand rules

Industrialisation: a weapon of exploitation? Is "Utopia" nowt but a fantasy for fools?





"Bye Bye Europe" the people have spoken, pipers and drums lead us into the mist

Cannon, claymor, florin and groat, Trafalgar and Charlie - now history's new twist?

Raise the draw-bridge, portcullis the tunnel, re-invent parliament, banking and trade?

Seize our chance to start afresh, before long "those foreigners" will beg us for aid?

Scour the world, examine the books, our brand new land many nations will enrich

United States, hundreds of countries, they'll flock to our isles to learn from our switch

England "The Capital" for the study of language, Ireland for literature, diplomacy and negotiation

Wales the heart for all the world's music, Scotland The Centre for Quality And Evaluation.*



Scottish Saltire Flag video by Geoffrey Alexander Flag of Ireland Welsh Dragon British Union Jack video by Geoffrey Alexander

    Westminster must surely be the only government in global history to have, in effect, imposed sanctions against her own country.





Postscript 2021:

It’s Boris’ Cabinet Meeting, bring champagne! Whiskey! Gin!

“Agenda: get yersel’ sozzled,” says the PM with a mischievous grin

It’s an ordinary workaday event, how dare you say anything’s amiss

What better way to seal an agreement than to give your colleagues a kiss

Bring your lovers and mistresses, your dogs are welcome too

Cheers to a snog and a cuddle, wink wink at the bathroom queue

Overwear, underwear, blouses and trousers, the cleaners’ll pick it all up

We’re dancing outside in the sunshine to celebrate our ’66 World Cup


"Britain is the laughing stock of the world"   -   "Embarrassed to be British"







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Billionaire's Corner Questionnaire
Billionaire's Corner
Lifestyle Questionnaire

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University Fees button
University Fees and Debt
Who is the main beneficiary of university education, the student, the employer or the nation?

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Infinity button
Units of measurement and the end of space.

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Euan Keith's      
Pollution Solution Part One button
Six Point Pollution Solution
Part One:   "Flowers In The City"
brighten our cities with many tiny garden?

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Euan Keith's      
Pollution Solution Part Two button
Six Point Pollution Solution
Part Two: "The Transformation of Waste"
Instead of landfill, waste could be a valuable resource.

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Atlantis Reinvented button
Atlantis Reinvented
Hidden blueprints for the new cities of the sea.

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Arabian Mights and Maybes button
Arabian Mights & Maybes
Plans for the future carefully copied by Brenda.

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Arabian Might May Raise The Sea button
Arabian Might May Raise The Sea
Desalinated reverse rivers powered by nature

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Unpublished Manuscript button
The Unpublished Manuscript
A hint as to what may lie in the future.

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Planets Alive button
Planets Alive
A curious twist to the laws of perception.

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Slop House button
The Slop House
an alternative to the traditional public house

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You Are A Winner button
You Are A Winner
A willing victim is the best victim.

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Prison For All button
Maybe our prisons are not as wonderful as all that.

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University Fees and Debt button
The Bright New Pants Manifesto
The hilarious solution to invevitable change

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The Hullabaloo button
The Hullabalo
A raging argument is discovered

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"Dom Peardene"

Dom Peardene

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family silhouette

90,000 Names

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  made with
Simon Steele's  

Simon Steele's excellent Programmers Notepad


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  characters created with
Dr Charlie Frowd's  

Dr Charlie Frowd's excellent EVOFIT


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Rick & Euan (fail to) Save The World

“When the white man builds a house in the sky his world will be rolled away.”

(Lame Deer)

Has the time not come?

If the Indian prophet, Lame Deer (who correctly predicted television) is right, by now we ought to have already been replaced by ferrel fields and sprawling forests free of human life.


Do we have a choice or a chance, is The End indelibly etched into the destiny of Earth and the spirit of mankind?



Perception Description Repetition Reaction

What is truth? What is 'Reality'? Who do we believe and why?


Some say that it is just so. Enjoy what life you have for soon it may be eclipsed.

“If we gotta go, we go,” best not to think about it.

What does your life experience suggest?

Have you struggled, strived and achieved?

Can we, collectively, not do the same?

If so, then what?

What is it gets us expelled?

What is it that might get us all expelled from earth?

Is that it?


Whatever it is, Future Views Magazine features light reading that examines such questions.


Imagine if every windowsill carried a beautiful flower box. The Flower Box Solution
a simple formula for making our cities greener and more pleasant.

What happened to the mighty “World Changing Revolution” of the ’Sixties when Flower Power was going to vanquish war and bring eternal happiness to one and all?

Curious how quickly we forget.

The only revolution in today's world appears to be comprised of gurus who tell us they know what it means to be rich. More desperate than hopeful, thousands send them money in order to be encouraged to believe that their lives, too, can be transformed from destitution to abundance.

Loneliness and debt, homelessness and addiction are matters for under-funded charities and volunteers.

Can we not see where we are, how we have changed?

Is our world truly better than before?

The problem is too big to tackle, let's leave it to the professionals, they know what they are doing. We are in safe hands, or are we?

World Map made out of flowers - Future Views Magazine


Can we dream, imagine and describe a better world?

Who knows, whatever, maybe there are solutions, what if there are pragmatic ways to make lives more pleasant?

No harm in trying?

Meantime, enjoy what we have, take a look, share a thought. Sometimes, it's best simply to entertain and let the troubles we hear too much about wash over us like ocean waves on the rocks of terra firma.

To such an end, meet Richard Whitehead and his friend, Euan Keith, they work together on a travelling film crew. They and others in the group discuss a variety of topics.


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My mate Euan, Sir Keith's nephew and my assistant, got me the job as sound recordist.

Others on set include Brenda, Lotte, Eta, Tosh and Arri (so called because it is short for Arthur and also reflects his love of the Arriflex cameras).


Animated cartoon of eight character 21Mb

Eta, Igvarts, Lotte, Tosh, Brenda, Acey, Arri, Euan, Eddy, Rick


Sir Keith funds the entire operation, or so he would have us believe.

His friend and business partner, Saleh el Moharbi undoubtedly has a lot to do with it as well.

Then there's Acey, Ed and Igvarts Lobermann from Lithuania or some other country, I think he's from a place I've never heard of.

That's us, sometimes we get together outside work, often we exchange barely more than a greeting.

Euan and I stumbled across evidence that pointed us towards a bizarre plot. Our two benefactors, Sir Keith and Saleh el Moharbi, are heavily implicated as being at the centre.

Euan Keith smarty-pants

Euan Keith

Inventor, idealist, has an opinion on just about everything.

Brenda E Teufel

Brenda E. Teufel

Make up artist, pretends to be a “bimbo” but is in fact shrewd, smart and a lot of fun.

Thomas Potte

Thomas Potte

Lighting Assistant and Devil's Advocate, listens more than he speaks and looks for oversights.

Eta Leuphelia

Eta Leuphelia

Swiss from Bern, artistic, perceptive, talented, tolerant, observant.

Arthur Soleman

Arthur Soleman

Loves his Arriflex camera, nick-named “Arri”, easy going.

Igvarts Loberman

Igvarts Loberman

Lighting technician, broad shouldered, experience beyond his years, engineer by training.

Lotte Essendorf

Lotte Essendorf

German, makeup and continuity, astute, efficient, introspective, critical, intelligent.

Michael Acey Bates

Michael “Acey” Bates

Referred to as “The Chief” because he wins at arguments, likes to be the flash lad.

Richard Whitehead

Richard Whitehead

Sound man and writer, spies on Big Cheeses with Euan and keeps records.

Edward Yachtsman

Edward Yachtsman

Assistant cameraman, serious, bit of a bore, will remind you of what you said last month.

Saleh el Moharbi

Saleh el Moharbi

A wealthy Arab of dubious background who insists he owns practically nothing apart from riches.

Sir Keith

Sir Keith

Maintains a mystique, no one knows how much power and influence he actually has.

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  Zadkiel Irpe Eudaemony Lethe  

A JigWord Puzzle for Brilliant Minds


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The Dragon's Boy on Ink Tip

“The Dragon's Boy”

screenplay on   InkTip  



A winged schoolboy who hatched from an egg
flees for his life and plunges into
The Land of Legend and Mythology

Big Fat Slob - Chant Of The Tesekuzurian Hordes

Big Fat Slob

“Chant Of The Tesekesurian Hordes”



“They conquered all before them”

Garden Shed music

CD ten tracks

Dark Journey starring Tiffany Mulheron

“Dark Journey”

with Tiffany Mulheron

    Read More    


A film by James White


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