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Have Everythign Own Nothing Organise & Share

Have Everything Own Nothing Organise And Share

Have Everything

Own Nothing

Organise & Share

Imagine you can

    Drive any car

      Ride any motorbike

        Dwell in a fine home

  without the problems of maintenance, paperwork or depreciation.

Not simple, not easy but better for everyone.

Each housing estate collectively owns everything.

Each house provides a speciality: 
  laundry   advice   mechanics   carpentry   library   travel   music  
procurement   food   management   administration   banking   insurance...  

One big loan, one insurance policy instead of a dozen agreements per household.

Everyone's pension fund is invested in the joint assets.

Each income buys Unit Linked Investment Shares, cashed in on departure.

Strength in numbers, economy of scale, purchase at wholesale prices.

Personal belongings are minimal, books read are placed in the joint library.

Cherished possessions are kept as at present.

Neighbouring estates swap strengths and have sharing agreements.

Each estate belongs to a collection of estates.

Each collection belongs to a group.

* Move house? Take only a vanful, leave the rest *


Have Everything Own Nothing Organise And Share

* Beat the system *

Form your own Local Community Purchase Union
efficient, effective and fair

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